A sight glass, also called inspection glass, sight port or sight windows is described as a window in a pipe, or sidewalls of boilers, tanks, process chambers or silos for visually observing the presence, flow or the level of a medium. With this sight glass you can check / inpect a device or the entire process.

The weld-in Sight glasses consist generally of a stainless steel or steel sight glass base flange (sight glass block flange, sight glass welding flange) and a sight glass deck flange (DIN 28120), two seals and glass. The flanges are assembled by means of bolts to each other.

The Sight glass in the pipe (inline mounting) can be supplied with different process connections such as flanges, threaded connection or weld connections.

The Sight glass is chosen depending on the pressure, temperature and the medium and is often one of the two most widely used glasses, borosilicate glass (DIN 7080) or soda lime glass (DIN 8902). Based on these date Ebora can let you calculate the minimum thickness of the glass.

Sight glasses are also commonly used as liquid level indicator or flow indicator.

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