317 Round tank Sight Glass Non pressure retaining

Round Sight Glass
Pressureless Operation
For welding, similar to DIN 28120

Observation and illumination of the interior of enclosed vessels (cauldrons, tanks, silos etc.).
Sight glasses consist of round flange mountings to be welded into or onto a vessel, completed by a sight glass plate with appropriate seals.

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Flange: 1.4571 (Base flange),1.4541 (Cover flange)
Glass: Borosilicate glass DIN 7080, Soda Lime Glass DIN 8902
Seal: C4400, PTFE, Graphite or according to Spec.
screws: A4-70

Installation guideline:
After welding the base flange onto/into the pressure vessel, the sealing surface must be checked for deformations! Reworking may be required!

The pressure rating does not consider the base flange. This will have to be audited together with the pressure vessel according to AD 2000 instructions B9 or equivalent standard!

To mount lights, cover flanges can be equipped with appropriate threaded bores.
Installation of a wiper type SW I is also possible.

ACI Type 317
Flange 1.4571 / 1.4541          11-317-100-1-1-1-000
Borosilicate glass
Standard construction

For aggressive media or steam, we recommend adding a mica disk to protect the glass!


Nominal diameter DN50, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200
Pressure rating PN0
Sight glass body 1.4541, 1.4571
Process Connection Weld-on, Weld-in
Shape Round Sight Glasses
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